What Solutions Are Offered?

Business Web Apps

We specialize in web application solutions for small to medium size businesses of various industries. We have extensive experience in usability, web design, database management, cloud infrastructure, caching, graphic art, eCommerce, SEO, and blogs. We have the expertise to create the best solution for your business in the most cost effective manner.

What Motivates Us?

Awesome Designs

We are an honest, hard working web design and solutions company that wants to help you with your technology solutions. For your convenience, we offer free, on-site web design and solutions consultations. Please don't hesitate to contact us for your next project.

Where Are We Located?

Upstate New York

Cloverswift Solutions is a web development company based in the Hudson Valley of Upstate New York. Our team has been implementing web design and application solutions from 1998 to 2024. We have a passion for today's technology and enjoy designing solutions that exceed our clients' expectations.


Our clients love us!

Tonche Transit Web Design Bus

Tonche Transit, Inc.

"...Cloverswift came along and developed a web based solution tailored to the individual needs of our business. It saved us time and money and created efficiencies that made life much easier...and the whole process took less than a month..."

IDX Stream Web Design Real Estate

IDX Stream

"We needed a nice, clean website fast and Cloverswift delivered. Within 48 hours we had a new design up and running with zero issues. Thank you!"

Human and KIND C.E.C.

"Cloverswift Web Designs made it easy for our organization to build our website from the ground up. Their expertise and guidance helped us every step along the way to create a site we can all be very proud of! I love sharing the final product with others and would highly recommend their work."

Our Framework

Robust, Fast, & Efficient

Web Applications

We started building our custom framework for web applications back in 2004 and it has been powering our websites ever since. It has been re-written at least 3 times to accommodate the changing technical needs of websites for today and the future. Our current version has been stable and running production websites for over 4 years. It can easily handle sites with millions of page views a month. Using the latest HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and backend software, we have created a framework that can adjust to the needs of any web application in any industry. The technologies we typically integrate are PHP, jQuery, Linux, Apache, MariaDB/MySQL, MongoDB, Memcached, AWS, and CDN (Cloud Storage).


We have hundreds of customizable templates to suit your needs. With themes ranging from real estate to photo gallery to construction to healthcare, we can modify any one of the templates to create a hyper local experience for your web users. Still not satisfied with what we have to offer? No problem, we can start from scratch and build you a complete template to call your own and fits your exact needs.


Affordable, Professional Designs For Businesses


Starting at $150/month

For your informational websites that need a custom design but less maintenance.


Starting at $350/month

For your informational or custom web applications that need full support.



For complex web applications that need focused development and team support.

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